5 of Kamakura’s Most Overlooked Temples and Shrines

Do you like Kamakura? Kamakura is surrounded by mountains on three sides with one side facing the sea. Terrain like this makes mild climate throughout the year and is possibly a reason why the rich expressions of the four seasons are displayed for us. It is also called the ancient capital and has many temples and shrines, a profound place of ancient hidden temples and the God of matchmaking. Furthermore, there are also many popular cafes, ideal for stopping by during your walk. Well, what would you like to see in wonderful Kamakura?

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DL DL. In Kamakura, trails that allow you to casually enjoy nature, are popular. The Kuzuharaoka-Daibutsu trail, which is about 3km long, takes about an hour and a half to Kotoku-in Temple with the Great Buddha if you start from Kita-Kamakura Station. Take your time and enjoy walking the hills with stops at major tourist sites along the way.

This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands is the only certified national treasure amongst the buddha statues in Kamakura.

There are several hiking courses in Kamakura, a city surrounded by mountains and the sea. This is a hiking course where you can enjoy both nature and seeing historical places. And you can visit some nice temples along the way, including Daibutsu , Jochi-ji temple , and Tokei-ji temple. So this course includes the essence of Kamakura and is wonderful for people who would like to see Kamakura from the back end. This trail takes about one hour and half.

Compared to the Tenen Hiking Course , this one is rather easy because the course is well maintained and its steep slopes are equipped with steps.

5 Lesser-Known Photogenic Spots in Kamakura

Kamakura is just an hour or so train ride from Tokyo, making it a popular day-trip destination for tourists. Kamakura has an ancient and important history, its nature is rich and plentiful, and along with its many shrines and temples it is truly a treasure trove of power spots. A bonus is that Kamakura has many nostalgic, traditional-house style cafes, allowing you the chance to relax and enjoy local Kamakura gourmet while visiting the power spots.

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Surrounded by sea and mountains is one of Japan’s most distinguished ancient capitals, Kamakura, which is popular as a tourist destination for being Japan’s first samurai capital. There are many ways for you to experience Japanese culture and tradition here. Considered to be the image of Kamakura is Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, which is a shrine located in the central area of town where people have gathered to pray for over years. The approach to the shrine right in the middle of town still remains.

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Joju-in, founded in by lord Hojo Yasutoki, is a temple in Kamakura known for its hydrangea blossoms and for bringing luck in matchmaking. The hydrangeas are in full bloom from mid-June to July. Hase-dera Temple is a Jodo-shu Buddhist temple famous for its tall wooden statue of Kannon. It is also the 4th of 33 stops of the Bando Sanjusankasho pilgrimage. Guesthouse Kamakura Rakuan offers accommodation in Kamakura.

Rooms come with a shared bathroom. Guesthouse Kamakura Rakuan features free WiFi. You will find.

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Pro tip: if you don’t mind a short hike in the woods, come to the shrine via the Daibutsu Hiking Course from Kita-Kamakura Station rather than from Kamakura station. Instead of just entering from the main gate, you’ll start catching sight of the little statues among the trees before getting to the actual shrine. The experience is magical. Also, you’ll get to visit other shrines on the way. Editorial Team. What will you uncover?

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Please view the main text area of the page by skipping the main menu. The page may not be displayed properly if the JavaScript is deactivated on your browser. In order to increase the number of those who will play a leading role of passing down Zen Buddhist culture to future generations, the “temple matchmaking” plan between one of the main temples of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism Engakuji and marriage consultant TC General Planning TCGP sought to find female partners for 30 of the school’s monks.

However, the number of applicants on TCGP’s homepage was wildly higher than expected, and the event is already full more than two months ahead of time, prompting talks of increasing the number of slots or holding more events. Engakuji was founded in , and holds the second highest rank in the five mountain system of Kamakura’s Zen Buddhist temples.

It is known for having hosted internally acclaimed Zen Buddhist scholar Daisetsu Suzuki and literary giant Soseki Natsume for “zazen” meditation. Temples related to Engakuji are found throughout Japan, but with more monks delaying or giving up marrying all together, succession of the school has become a problem. Because of this, the Nov. In order that participants could enjoy the fall scenery to the fullest, the Rinzai school’s fourth-ranked Kamakura temple Jochiji was selected as the location for the event.

The participation fee was set at 3, yen per person including entrance to the temple, tea and sweets. With temples across the country closing due to the falling population and lack of successors, continuing the tradition has become a social problem.

Enoshima Shrine

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November 14, Legend goes that the Jojuin Temple dating back to is where the famous monk Kukai stopped during his pilgrimage and recited his Buddhist mantras over 1 million times. Although the cave is still there today, Kamakuragu has tried to downplay its Poltergeist-ian origin and instead became known as a center for the arts by hosting a series of Noh theater performances by torchlight in the autumn. She eventually decided to open a convent on land that used to belong to one of her ancestors, conveniently located just a few short minutes from Kamakura Station.

Today, Eishoji is the last surviving nunnery in the city, and is famous for the various flower varieties planted around the temple, which guarantee that its gardens always remain in bloom. Filled with many Buddhist images, the yagura is actually the largest tomb of its kind in all of Kamakura. But one other aspect of Meigetsuin has beaten all the contenders to become a symbol of this 14th century temple: hydrangeas.

The characteristic blue flowers grow in abundance all around Meigetsuin, most notably lining up the steps leading up to the entrance. The inner garden, however, is more known for its irises, which are only available for viewing for two weeks in June. By the 17th century, thanks to a close relationship between the temple and the ruling government, Tokeiji had gained enough political power to not only shelter women, but to also force their husbands to grant them a divorce if they deemed it necessary.

As a thank you, women would then spend two years working and helping out at Tokeiji. Despite such a rich history, Tokeiji remains fairly unknown among foreign visitors to Kamakura. Cheers to you all and keep up the good work! Some of the most underrated Kamakura temples and shrines include: 5.

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